Tips on using LinkedIn

Think About Talent Acquisition

  • LinkedIn is not only a great social media tool to help increase online engagement and digital access, but it is also a valuable tool to empower recruiters to acquire talent.
  • LinkedIn is a great way to achieve the necessary recruiting demands that public sector agencies have to meet.
  • It’s important to ensure that any content shared is professional and targeted towards not only those in your immediate network but also to potential talent. A great social media strategy is one that aims to use LinkedIn to foster the excitement, attractiveness and buzz that is needed to attract top tier talent.

Use The Company Page

  • The LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to share thought leadership content and other important directives from Government.
  • Linking to careers and investing the time and resources to ensure that entries are up to date and content relevant is a worthwhile decision. The company page should be decorated with the right branding, which includes like Facebook, profile and cover photo.

Aim For Consistency

  • As with any social media channel or online presence initiative, it is important to maintain consistency of brand and voice.
  • The LinkedIn Company page can be thought of an extension of the official public government website and the objective should always be clear in respect to why, how and what.
  • Whether it is to promote career opportunities, foster education and awareness or drive traffic to certain parts of the official website – consistency is key.

Communicate To Comments

  • During the process of sharing and creating relevant and interesting content, your network and followers will begin to hopefully engage with your posts. At the juncture, it is a great move to communicate directly to these comments where feasible.
  • Simply saying ‘thank you’ or replying in greater detail to a question comment for example, helps to build confidence and trust in the public sector. Not only that, but it also serves as an important source of feedback that is immediate and low-cost.


Contribute to LinkedIn Groups

  • Contributing to LinkedIn Groups is a key activity to help improve engagement with other digital marketing efforts such as content marketing.
  • By posting to industry specific groups, you have the opportunity to access and action important feedback from your users. It also helps to bolster online reputation and solidify thought leadership in key areas