About The Toolkit

This toolkit includes strategies, tips and ideas about how to successfully implement social media marketing in your public sector agency in order to bring about ‘SocialGovt’ results. It contains the latest methods on how to leverage social media and building communities and engagement online. It specifically aims to empower marketing and communications professionals by instilling them with unique insights on how to create and sustain valuable relationships with the community as a public sector agency.

At GreenStreet Digital, we have been using the same strategies, tips and ideas in order to create and inspire trust, connection and a sense of humanity for agencies of government. We have closely with the support of PublicInnovations - an initiative showcasing innovations in NSW public sector - to bring to you what we feel to be one of the many ways to make social shine in your team. We hope that the toolkit is able to offer you some worthwhile lessons on how government can truly build human to human relationships online.

Why It Was Created

We spend a lot of time wondering how government agencies can truly build human to human interactions online. And while we’re still ways ahead of truly being able to answer this question in its entirety across all contexts and circumstances, we feel that the toolkit represents a movement forward towards the answer. We consolidated the research, advice and insights of many talented and generous people working in the marketing, communications, social media and public administration space to bring you the toolkit. Our wish is that it is able to help you get closer to finding your answer about how to build human to human interactions online in your agency.

Who Created It

SocialGovt is an initiative of GreenStreet Digital. Together with the insight of numerous individuals, we have been able to publish, update and share our thoughts on how to develop human to human interactions between the public sector and the community it serves.